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June 28, 2017
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Increasing your Facebook Page likes by 30k in 28 days!

Website Design by Marketing Connection

Increasing your Facebook Page likes by 30k in 28 days!

                 During the the month of June, Marketing Connection Studio has taken on the task to assist one of our clients, Boon Siew Honda to achieve a goal of 100,000 LIKES on the Facebook page. As of the 28th of June, Boon Siew Honda has managed to hit that milestone! Congratulations!

                 When we first took over the handling of the page, they only had approximately 73,000 LIKES on the page and we have managed to assist the page to achieve 100,000 LIKES within 28 days. Here’s a review of how we managed to achieve that feat.

Website Design by Marketing Connection

Initial Likes
Website Design by Marketing Connection

Final Likes


               Over the course of 28 days, Marketing Connection Studio assisted Boon Siew Honda to run a few campaigns. Campaigns include ‘Active Like’ ads, ‘Balik Kampung Free Servicing Campaigns’, a Canvas Ad, and the My Raya Bersama Honda Bike competition. Most of the campaigns that were held were catered to prepare for Hari Raya, capitalising on the preparation of the festive season.

                 The first campaign that we embarked on was the ‘Active Like’ campaign. In total we ran 2 ‘Active Like’ campaigns, both to promote and give publicity to the Wave125i model and the MSX125 that Boon Siew Honda needed to draw attention to. We created picture ads that prompted Facebook users to Like the Page to find out more in 3 different languages (BM, Mand., Eng), in addition to that, we also boosted the ads to the relevant target audiences to increase the chances of engagement.Overall the both ads has gained reach from approximately 19,000 reaches to 350,000 Facebook users across Malaysia.

Web Design by Marketing Connection

Website Design by Marketing Connection



                The second campaign that was conducted was the ‘Balik Kampung Free Servicing’ campaign. The campaign was done prior to Hari Raya, a few workshops were selected by Boon Siew Honda as they offered free servicing and offers discounted genuine Honda parts and engine oil for all Honda motorcycle users. After completing the artwork for each workshop’s announcements, it was only a matter of scheduling the posts 2 days before their respective commencement dates and boosting them by location. For that campaign, we have managed to reach out to over 73,000 Facebook users with an average engagement rate of 7.37%.

Website Design by Marketing Connection

Balik Kampung

                The third campaign that we have held for Boon Siew Honda is the ‘My Raya Bersama Honda’ campaign, which is the main contribution to the success of the achievement of the milestone. The crux of the competition was to get Facebook users to like the page, share the page and then tag 5 friends in the post on their timeline with the hashtag #myrayabersamahondabike. 50 winners would be randomly selected to win would receive raya packets and an exclusive keychain. After the prizes confirmed and the artwork done, what was left was just to publish and boost. The competition ran from the 10th June to 20th June.

Website Design by Marketing Connection

My Raya Bersama Honda Bike

               One more campaign that we managed to assist Boon Siew Honda to promote would be their NSS300 premium model via Facebook Canvas. We converted their brochure into a Facebook Canvas ad and boosted it up online. The Facebook Canvas ad has managed to reach over 37,000 Facebook users. (Take a quick read about Facebook Canvases here.)

Website Design by Marketing Connection


               Aside from creating, Marketing Connection Studio also assisted at boosting materials that were provided from Boon Siew Honda themselves, including a promotional video and a CSR post, each reaching over 80,000 Facebook users and yielding engagement rates 14.42% and 7.7% respectively.

               Over here at Marketing Connection Studio, we can assist your establishment with campaigns, improve engagements on social media and so much more. We have successfully assisted Boon Siew Honda to increase their page likes by over 30,000 counts in 28 days, we can do the same for you too!

*Marketing Connection is a digital marketing company that specializes in website design and online marketing in Penang. We love to help new businesses to grow their business further.


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