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July 19, 2018
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A Remarkable Dining Experience – 26th July 2019

A Remarkable Dining Experience – 26th July 2019

Put a side of all those formality topic in the office, it’s time for us to celebrate, to have fun and to show appreciation for our annual dinner. Heading to this dinner is more excited than we thought.  All we know that this modern and fancy St.Wembley Hotel Seafood buffet will surely let us gain a few pounds.

With our anticipating spirit still burning, the seafood theme buffet does not fail us and it is what we expect for the night. Featuring all delicious seafood from Crab, Oyster, Scallop, Prawn, Clamp to Sushi, and many other local and western delights. It makes us repeatedly to take up a few rounds.

The highlight is here, a tradition game from our founder which is to give everyone some mystery gift of the night. To win the mystery gift, we need to play some tricky games with our colleagues. It is challenging as we need to know our colleagues personality well enough to win this game.

Brain juice was used up! AND we found the lucky winner Michelle to win the mystery gift of the night – Nintendo Switch! What matters the most is all of us do have a mystery gift and we are thankful to the so-called “ Santa Claus”.

It is indeed a wonderful night filled with joy and laughter. Who knows you are the next person who win this Mystery Gift?

Join our team now and explore a great adventure together!

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