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November 18, 2016
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November 24, 2016

Getting Ready For Your Business On Facebook!

Getting Ready For Your Business On Facebook!

Before starting to boost your sales through Facebook, you have to setup an account on Facebook beforehand. Setting up an account is the easiest part; however, it does not stop there. In order to gain public attention and generate likes, you have to be disciplined enough to keep your contents updated and maintain interaction and engagement with your audience.

So, what do you need to get the ideal Facebook post? Let’s think about this, if you were a customer who happened to find your company on Facebook, what aspect of the page will pull your attention and make you click “like”? As an owner of a business, you must put yourself in others’ shoes, you need to know where do your customers’ interests lie.

To make your life easier, SEO is the keyword. Include posts with brief keywords, there’s no need to create a speech paragraph of what your products are, people will get bored of reading it and soon, you’ll lose lots of potential customers. Therefore, keep your content clean and fresh with keywords, and of course, you can do this by using hashtag “#”.

Interaction is an important action!

Besides, you can pin up your best post on your Facebook page. Imagine this, you as a customer go into the page, then you see a very interesting post on the first column of the page and you click into it. Ta-da! The magic works! Just kidding, there’s no magic in this world. Anyways, my point is, pin up a post that you think your target audience will love it and click on it on the top part of your page; it’ll make a lot of difference.

In addition, instead of just promoting your products, you may want to include some quotes of the day or simple wishes in picture forms in order to engage with your customers. This will make them feel they’re appreciated and that they’re not just your customers, but your connection as well. Build a relationship with your customers by interacting with them, show them that you are there to solve their problems, and you’re willing to share out their problems (Of course, don’t go overboard).thumbs-up-facebook-business-page

Keep a young hunger for growth!

Follow these simple steps and you’ll be ready to start your business with Facebook! Easy, isn’t it? Let’s start using Facebook for our business today!

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