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February 7, 2017
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February 14, 2017

Comparison Between YouTube Video Marketing and Facebook Video Marketing

Comparison Between YouTube Video Marketing and Facebook Video Marketing

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When it comes to video marketing, the two most popular platforms for advertisers are YouTube and Facebook. While both platforms allow videos to be posted, there are ample examples of how different these two platforms can be.

When people go to YouTube, they’re usually there to do something specific. On Facebook, people scroll the newsfeed until something catches their eye. You can easily search videos on YouTube while your Facebook videos disappear from the newsfeed after a couple of days. Here are three differences between Facebook and YouTube videos that may help you decide which platform to focus your resources on.


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1.) Video Length

Both platforms use an algorithm that dictates how much exposure your video will ultimately get. Facebook videos tend to perform better when they’re quite short while longer videos are more suited to YouTube.

Facebook rewards shorter videos as people are more likely to like and share a short video than a long one. Thus, your Facebook video will get increased exposure in the newsfeed.

YouTube, on the other hand, prioritizes ‘watch time’, the amount of time people spend watching your video. As long as your videos are engaging enough to viewers, longer videos will outperform shorter videos in YouTube’s search and suggested video algorithms.

2.) Exposure & Discoverability

Choosing Facebook or YouTube depends on what you want for your content; Facebook helps to push content out while YouTube’s focus is to draw users in.

Your YouTube videos are primarily found through Google or YouTube searches, therefore giving your videos a very long shelf-life as people may still stumble upon your video in the future.

Conversely, your Facebook videos are initially limited because they get exposed to a small percentage of your Facebook fans. However, if it generates enough engagement, there will be more shares and thus a bigger exposure to other groups of people.

topic selection

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3.) Topic Selection

If your videos are centred on tutorials, how-to’s, or any other ‘in-depth’ content, then YouTube is the go-to platform. Facebook, however isn’t the right environment for that. It makes more sense to share essential concepts or simple ideas that can be done in a short time without needing a follow-up video. The general rule is that Facebook is a platform to better market promotional videos while YouTube, by nature a search engine, is better for long-term followers and providing in-depth knowledge.

As a digital marketing agency, we hold the opinion that both platforms are great and cater to the marketer’s needs differently. If the videos are short and meant to generate shares or viewership, Facebook would be a good alternative. Therefore, it’s important to analyse your strategy and pick the best way to go forward.

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