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Did Mercedez-Benz Really Do A Bad Job?

Did Mercedez-Benz Really Do A Bad Job?

Mercedez-Benz has just posted a Chinese New Year ad on their social media page and it has since become viral, people were talking about it and comments were harsh on the video.

As for those who have no time to watch or have not known anything about this, let me summarized it for you. Basically, the ad was about a couple was sitting in the Mercedez car and they were talking about the relationship between the man and his brother’s strained relationship while they were on their way to do festival grocery shopping. When they spot an empty parking space, the girl used the car auto parking assist feature to park her Mercedez. When they got out from the car, the man saw his brother, standing opposite to him.


It does not seem like a bad content for an ad, however the quality and lighting of the ad, as well as the actors in it were, to be truthful, lousy. It does not meet up to the high-quality standard that Mercedez should have, everything in the ad was just badly made.

People were commenting on their ad on social media and some comments were really harsh, it was clearly that they were disappointed by Mercedez’s drastically decrease of standard and they expected something more of a better excellence. Ads agencies from around the world were criticizing the ad too, one of them referred to it as “low class” and “painful ad”.

Despite the negative feedbacks of the advertisement, this badly done ad has more than 180,000 views and more than 1200 shares on their Facebook page since the upload on early January this year. In just few minutes of time period, this ad has become viral and it hit number topic in ranking, after the statistic, do you still think it is a bad marketing strategy?

To be honest, with such a huge team of capable geniuses in the company, I am very sure that if it is not part of their publicizing tactic, this ad would never have been approved and uploaded on social media, whereby customers and supporters could trash them just like that, Mercedez’s management is not that stupid.

As ridiculous as it sounds, this is branding. Mercedez Benz has been established many years ago, and this company has no any reason to forfeit their brand in this manner. All along Mercedez presents themselves as high class, luxury and trademarked, people generally assume the products, including advertisements to be of the same value as it embodies, but this Chinese New Year ad is a way to create plot twist and change its branding approach in a different way, how creative!

After this trending post from Mercedez, by the end of the day, it does not really change the mindset of people getting Mercedez because the company will continue gaining high revenue no matter what.

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