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What’s The Difference Between Freelancer & Website Design Agencies?

What’s The Difference Between Freelancer & Website Design Agencies?

Creating a website can be challenging and difficult if you have no skills in that area. It is a time consuming process which requires your attention and constant updates from time to time, because of this, many people tend to look for outsource marketing. Some will choose freelancers, but some will prefer website design agencies. So what are the differences between freelancers and website design agencies?

Let’s take a look at the comparisons between freelancers and website design agencies.



Website Design Agencies






In terms of cost and pricing, undeniably freelancer will be less expensive than agencies. This is because they have only certain set of skills (maybe 1 or 2), and generally freelancers work independently, they do not have assistant or a team to assist them; therefore, small projects or startups should be handled by them. On the other hand, website design agencies are established and they already have a set of team to guide them along the projects, so if you have bigger projects, you should go for website design agencies.



Freelancers do not always take up assignments that are long term, therefore in this case, companies or business owners who have temporary projects can go for freelancers. Furthermore, freelancers have limited skills, for example, if you want to add in an animation part in your website, certain freelancers do not have such skill, however, in the creative agencies, the team includes different skill backgrounds of members, therefore, it is better to take up website design agencies if you have certain requests.

In marketing and creative industry, proper communications between two parties is vital. With freelancers, there are certain questions you have to know before approving them. These questions are to make sure you are on the right track and even though it may be a small amount of charging fees, surely you won’t want your money to go to waste too. If you decided to go for agencies, there will be no need to worry about long term planning because the agencies’ team will assist you on that. However, you have to constantly send updates to them in order to let them do their jobs.




As mentioned in the earlier part, freelancers can only commit for short term, therefore, any long term commitment tasks should not be given to them. Freelancers do not have a scheduled working hour, they work in their own pace so if your task requires constant checking and updates, you might want to consider taking up creative agencies instead.

These are a few evaluations between two parties; if you are a business owner or you are going to start up a new company, do think carefully before you decide on anything!

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