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January 24, 2017
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Difference Between Joomla, Drupal & WordPress

Difference Between Joomla, Drupal & Wordpress

There are a lot of open source websites that provide quality and beautiful layout for your business, what’s better is that most of them are FREE! But, how would you know if the sites are as good as what you expected? Let me tell you this, the major open source sites now are Joomla, Drupal and WordPress.

A lot of you may heard of WordPress, you can create incredible blog or website with simple steps, whereas Joomla and Drupal may not be familiar to some of us. So, what are the differences between these top sites? Which site will give you the best option?


WordPress is known for its simple and user-friendly feature, this website is recommendable for beginners. It is extremely easy to install, you only need about 5 minutes to install it and boom, your website is ready to be published! When it comes to website designs, customizable is an essential feature for users, people want to be able to control their website layout and colour schemes, WordPress provides hundreds of plugins, add-ons, themes and so on. With these customizable structures, you can design a creative and beautiful website of your own at ease!

Furthermore, WordPress is a multilingual site that cater for all types of languages. It has more than 53 languages plugins for your business if you prefer your site to be a non-English site. With so many features available, you might encounter some problem in the process of creating a website, especially if you are a beginner, WordPress offers an effective community support, whereby you can drop your questions and enquiries to the page and answers typically take within minutes!

You may wonder if your website is safe on WordPress, indeed, this hosting portal is world-wide recognized and hackers tend to target on WordPress. But, don’t worry, it is created by a security code and it has an auto-update mechanism as well. This auto-update will be refreshed every minute immediately after it senses a new security patch, therefore, your website is safe with WordPress.




Drupal is the most technically advanced sites among all. It has improved performance which load quicker than WordPress and Joomla. This is because of its less-resource intensive feature and it requires less expensive server or hosting setup as well.

However, Drupal entails basic knowledge of HTML, PHP and other common web programming languages to function, therefore it is not recommended for those who are not from IT background. Moreover, Drupal has no option of hosting in its site, thus, users need to purchase their own domains and hosting before installing Drupal.


Joomla site is the compromise between WordPress and Drupal. The only difference of Joomla is that it delivers a social networking feature, this particular site runs extremely fast and easy. In addition, Joomla is not too technical, hence a non-tech savvy person can create a website without needing any technical support. When it comes to reliability and security, Joomla has the similar security function as WordPress, and it has additional extensions as well for users to back up their websites.




Overall, WordPress is most user-friendly website to use for businesses, however, if you have web programming background, you may go for Drupal as if offers more than WordPress and Joomla. No matter what choices you make to create a website, it is important to follow the basic guidelines on how to create a successful website.

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