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Difference Between Properly-Designed Websites & Poorly-Designed Websites

Difference Between Properly-Designed Websites & Poorly-Designed Websites

Users’ experience when browsing a website is very important, it determines the first impression of your website, one minor error will pull your brand down to the drain instantly. A proper website should be informative, simple, easy to navigate and user friendly, but many web developers do not meet that requirements, even some professional web designers make minor web design mistakes!

Here are a few lists of how to differentiate a good website and bad website, if you ever encountered one.

Good Website:

A good website is efficient and effective. An organized layout of a website can bring your business to a long way, this type of simple website tends to make customers feel comfortable when browsing through your site. A clean and professional set of fonts should be considered to let customers see clearly of your products or services’ description. It would be useless if nobody can understand what your business is about, will it?

Most importantly, a user should be able to navigate his or her way throughout the website, if the user was unable to do so, you might lose potential customer because of your poor website layout. A good website has to be in easy-to-find manner so that customers don’t need to hunt around looking for information.


A simple navigation should be applied in a good website, you may want to decorate your website in a fancy way, but remain a straightforward navigation bar will help in increasing flow for your site. A website reflects your company’s brand and message, in order to send to message across to customers, it is better to seek professional help from web designing agencies if you have no idea on how to create one. Spend a little more will help you go a long way!

Bad Website:

This may be a bad news for people who like to embellish their websites. A bad website is one that prioritize style over content, this happens when you beautify your websites with all sorts of animation such as GIF or Flash. Animation may be interesting and people might get attracted to it, but videos take time to load, therefore, if you have more than 1 animation on your website, the higher chances are that your website takes forever to load, which turn people off.

Have you ever encountered broken links or error message on certain websites? Don’t do the same mistake for yours! Broken links lead to bad website and this will cause your website ranking on Google to be low. Be extra careful when creating pages to avoid this kind of issues, and also remember not to overload your information. Sure enough, customers want to know about your company and how does it benefit them, but overloading your website with details will result in clutter, and people would never want to see a page full of words!


In short, it is obvious for customers to see if efforts have been put to create a website, just make sure you follow the simple guides for a better website ranking, keep it simple, maintain the colour scheme, do not overload your information and keep your data up to date.

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