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Difference Between SEM and SEO

Difference Between SEM and SEO

Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing are aimed to gain visibility on the web, both are under Google company, Yahoo and Bing have such similar system too but it was not as widely recognized as Google.

So what are the differences since both system are under the same company? In fact, it is just as simple as social media, let’s take Facebook as an example, you want to promote your business page on Facebook, you can spread it either by sharing it with your friends, or boost the page by adding certain amount of money to reach more people. This is the same as Google, you can either maintain and improve your website to get the highest google rank on the site, or pay certain amount of money and let Google does the work for you!


Look at the comparison table below for better understanding:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
A method of increasing page visibility on Google ranking, all results are in organic form (meaning non-paid system, websites are ranked in a higher place because of good content, simple layout, clickable links, metatags and descriptions). A method of increasing page visibility on Google ranking by paying certain amount of money. These features include Pay-Per-Click (PPC) system and others via Google Adwords.
SEO provides a long-term effect on your website because it has already a proper layout and metatags to improve ranking on Google. SEM does not focus on the website’s layout and others, you get what you need or want based on the budget you have set.
Customers can look at your website according to the search results. Put in some unique keywords or related keywords so that customers can search for the products or services easily. This type of method offers limitless traffic potential to your website. SEM controls the target audience and traffic potential for your website. This is because your website has been limited by your budget, let’s say the average amount of PPC is $2 per click, and you have set your budget to $2500 per month, you get only 1000 clicks on that month because of your budget.
Similar to traffic potential, keywords are the most important thing on building your website. As mentioned before, inserting keywords can increase your page visibility on Google. Google recognizes keywords and match them according to what customers want. The keyword possibilities on SEO is infinite, people can just type certain keywords and a whole bunch of lists come out instantly. Once again, keyword possibilities are limited by your budget. The good thing is that you get to choose your targeted keywords and audience so that you can focus on your target audience, instead of getting customers from all over the place, SEM is ideal for people who wants to target certain market and places.





In short, it is advisable to generate your website’s traffic through proper layout and metatags, write in your website’s description by adding appropriate number of keywords in the content. It is better to not overuse SEM on your website as this will affect your ranking on search engine in a long run.

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