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August 12, 2016
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November 10, 2016

Tips On How To Win Pokemon Go Gym Competition

Tips On How To Win The Pokemon Gym Competition

Businesses in Penang really act fast when they see an opportunity and this can be seen from the recent increase of businesses that take advantages of the Pokemon Go popularity by offering lure modules on Pokestop, competition to capture certain Pokemon within their location or even some that are offering rewards if you managed to capture certain Pokemon.

One of the latest and unique way to attract more traffic to your business location is by having Pokemon Go Gym Competition. In conjunction of New World Park organizing a Pokemon Go Gym competition on 20th August 2016 ( 11 am to 4pm) which we believe to be the first in Penang or maybe even the first in Malaysia, we would like to provide some tips on how to win the competition based on our observation. We are no expert but we personally think that even if you do not have a high level Pokemon, you should be still able to provide some challenges to those players with high level Pokemon and might even take the gym away from them by sneaking in :P. Hopefully this will be able to provide some tips and guideline on how to win the gym competition.


Gym in New World Park, Francis Light Statue

Learn to dodge and attack.

Before every attack, there is a white animation or burst animation from the defending Pokemon, try to dodge it by swiping right or left and continue to attack. The video embedded below will show you how to dodge effectively ( Credit to Poketutorials). This will really help you to take down higher CP Pokemon easier

Also, learn the charge move of your Pokemon which was assigned randomly to your Pokemon. A charge move can deal a lot of damages in general compare to normal move. To use a charge move, watch out for the stamina charge bar and once full, hold down instead of taping

Know your Pokemon type

Before launching an assault on the Gym, make sure you know the opponent’s Pokemon type that are guarding the gym. In Pokemon Go, having a right type of Pokemon to battle will provide you an extra advantages in term of damages you deal and take.  At the most basic level with the starter Pokemon this breaks down to Rock, Paper, Scissors – Charmander (Fire) beats Bulbasaur (Grass) who beats Squirtle (Water) who in turn beats Charmander (Fire). So you need to arrange your Pokemon properly based on the Pokemon that are defending the Gym before you launch an attack on the gym. You can also view this from this chart, to understand the Pokemon weaknesses and strength.

Find your team and formulate a strategy

Unlike normal gym battle, in a gym competition, we believe timing and team co-op is really important. Find your team and form a strategy on how to take down the gym. It might have a Dragonite with 3500 CP or Snorlax with 2800 CP guarding the gym but with a proper team co-op, you can take it down. A general strategy will be having few strong players to take down the gym or shave off few of the gym defenders while backup players with some strong defensive Pokemon to be ready to insert his Pokemon inside the gym once the gym prestige points drop to 0  points thanks to his teammate’s assault.


Cue the battle music!

Potion and revive ready! 

Always get ready your hyper or max potions to heal your Pokemon after each battle and revive them if require. As time is essence in a competition, you would like to quickly get your strongest Pokemon to be ready for the next battle. Now you will be glad that the Pokestop are giving you potions and revive instead of Pokeball. 😀

Original image from www.aqua.hu

Original image from www.aqua.hu

Sneaky sneaky

If you do not have a really strong Pokemon, you can wait for the gym prestige goes down to 0 ( thanks to other team or player’s effort) and quickly insert your own strongest Pokemon there before other players manage to claim it. Yes, it might not last long but with the right timing, you might turn out to be a winner. 🙂


Thugachu. Source from YouTube

Don’t give up as long as it is still ongoing

Keep on attacking the gym or try to reclaim back the gym even if you were booted out. Do not give up as long as the clock is ticking and the competition has not ended. You might still be able to reclaim it back.

Pray that your broadband, wimax or your 4G mobile line is working fine that day

This is really a deal breaker. If your line somehow is slow that day, you might encounter error and not be able to enter or attack the gym properly. Also, for those who encounter error when try to battle, you can always try to logout and login again, it works sometime but not all the time.

Also, it come to our understanding that some trainers are really concern about bots and foul players who will come and destroy the fun of the competition in New World Park during that day. Personally, we think with recent Niantic announcement that they will crackdown hard on those foul players, it might be a bad time for them to come out openly in a competition and get reported especially those with GPS spoofers since they will not be around to claim the prize and everyone will know that particular account is a GPS spoofer. So most of them will not risk their ‘precious’ accounts here. Again, we hope that players come in with a right set of mindsets and in the spirit of Pokemon Go, win with dignity. Furthermore comparing to those trainers who really take their time and effort to collect and train their Pokemon, we believe that foul players will not have the same satisfaction even if they somehow manage to win the competition.

Also, New World Park will be having a lure party for 4 hours on 20th August 2016. All their 5 Pokestops will be having lure module installed for 4 hours from 11 am to 3pm. So make sure you come over and catch some Pokemons even if you are not interested in the Gym competition. Below are all the 5 Gyms located well inside New World Park, you will be safe from vehicles and also not to worry about unpleasant experiences as it is inside the Park itself


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