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July 28, 2016
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August 1, 2016

Facebook Competition For Adonis Bridal

Announcement About the Competition

Cabanas Reflexology

Adonis Bridal Project A is one of our social media project that take advantage of Facebook competition to generate interest from our audience

Project A idea is presented by us to Adonis Bridal in order to enhance their branding. As a new brand in the bridal industry, Adonis Bridal need a strong kickstart to their marketing campaign

We decided that having a Facebook competition to boast up their image due to the reason below:

  • Adonis Bridal is new and by having a facebook competition, it can enhance their branding image
  • Find a good looking couples as a model to increase their portfolio
  • Extra event for their grand opening as a prize giving session

From the rules to the prizes, we help them to shape the contest up. We use Facebook apps to control the no of votes on the photo, which mean only those who liked Adonis Bridal's fanpage can vote their desired candidate. We help them to monitor the competition and ensure no foul play in the competition and at the same time help to generate interest in it

We started off by previewing the prizes to the page fans to generate interest and once the competition start, we announce it on a few platforms to generate participants. Overall the competition is a great success, We manage to generate:

  • 46 participants
  • 5535 votes ( in other word 5535 extra likes)
  • A lot of social media coverage ( 3000 people were talking about this )
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