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November 22, 2016
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December 2, 2016

Facebook Post Engagements

Facebook Post Engagements

Facebook Post Engagements

Whenever we post something on our Facebook page, it’s normal to long for likes and comments, some people might not care about the amount of likes and shares, but for business page, it is crucial that your audience make some actions on your posts on a regular basis. This is also referring as post engagement. Engagement simply means the results when people like, share or comment on your posts. Below are 2 examples of what we’ve done for our clients: New World Park and Valentino Bridal. To boost up their engagements, we did research and created posts that would attract audience. Proud to say, we managed to help them in achieving the targets!



Let’s look at the pictures above. In order to understand better in Facebook post engagement, it is essential for the business owner to do some research and overview of the best post each month. Why would the post above be referred as the best post? The main idea of the post is the engagement. Just look at how many people this post has reached! It’s over 180 thousands! Post reached can be defined as the amount of people who have seen this post, and when you take a look further down, you’ll see more than 6000 reactions that include likes, comments and shares.

So the main question, why is this particular post reached such a wide audience? This post was published back in August, which was the hit month when Pokemon Go first launched in Malaysia! With the trend of Pokemon Gym and crowds seen lingering in various hot spots, it is no wonder this post can be such a hit! Let’s check out another post.


Wow! Just look at those huge numbers! This bridal post hit more than 1 million of reach and almost 70 thousands reactions! This is better than Pokemon Go, people! Alright, first of all, this particular bridal house, Valentino, is a famous spot for not only couples, but teenagers as well because it has a wedding theme café, how cool is that! By this simple introduction of this bridal house, you can certainly imagine how popular this café is!

Anyways, back to the main point, this wedding post had the best engagement in their page because of trend. Floating mermaid style of wedding photography style has been so well-known even until China and other countries! The elegant wedding pictures feature the most tantalizing pose and it attracts viewers because it’s something difference that what we usually see. Who could ever think of flying to be a wedding photo idea?

After these two examples, do you have some slight ideas on what post engagement is all about? So, do your research on your page and see what are you lacking of!

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