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Giveaways, Why and How?

Giveaways, Why and How?


Giveaways, it’s been here all the time, you’ve seen it, I’ve seen it. Have you ever wondered why they do giveaways? Is it just all for charity? How do you conduct a successful giveaway? Let’s talk about that today!


Every decision a business does has its purpose and its reasons, the first reason for a giveaway is to increase Page Likes on Facebook. Last time, we mentioned about Facebook capping your potential of organic reach (read more here.), conducting a giveaway is a method to increase your Page Likes and increase a little bit more of your organic reach. Furthermore, Page Likes are equivalent to reputation points. A high amount Page Likes looks impressive and looks less dodgy than promises of happy and satisfied customers from a business that nobody knows about.


This is the time for you to promote your products, by giving away your products this is the chance for your clientele/customers to try your products and create a buzz for what you’re providing. This is also a first gate to entering the word of mouth stage for your customers to testify for your product. Once they have tried your product, they will put their utmost honesty in giving a review to their friends of their experience with your products. (Please be advised: Customers’ experiences may vary.)


It’s a great opportunity for you and audiences to bond over these giveaways. It’s a form of appreciation to your audiences for following you and by thanking them in the method you present the post. Your audiences will feel a sense of sincerity from your establishment, the giveaways and a sense of winning by the audiences will forge a long lasting memory of their experience of accomplishment, in turn winning a degree of loyalty from the winner.

Interested in creating a giveaway activity on your social media? Here’s a few steps on how you can do that.

Step 1: Determine your goal

Why do you want to create a giveaway? To create awareness? To increase your Page Likes? Once you’ve got your goal settled, we can proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Eyes on the prize

Determining the prize is an important part of the process, depending on your goal, the prizes should correspond that. If you’re looking to create a list of loyal followers, your prize should be something that your company provides. If your goal is to get mass awareness of your event, your prize can range from tickets to your event to a brand new iPad! If you want to gather a loyal following, you wouldn’t want any Tom, Dick and Harry who would do anything for an iPad.

Step 3: How to win? How long?

The mode of entry and the winning conditions should be determined based on your goals. Eg. Like and Share, Pose and Win. etc. Take a look at this example that we did for one of our clients.

Step 4: Post and Boost

Craft your post with interesting visuals, include the important details of how your audiences can participate and what they can win if they do. It is also important to clarify the method of which you choose your winner. It is crucial that you boost your post so that it reaches the masses. Last time, we talked about how Facebook has limited our organic reaches with their new algorithm, so it is important that you boost your post to increase the chances of people entering your giveaway.

Step 5: Contact and Congratulate

It’s the end of the giveaway! Now it’s time to contact your winner/winners that they have won! Don’t forget to congratulate them on your social media page to tell everyone about it. This shows that you are trustworthy and keep to your promises, furthermore, an acknowledgement to your winner enforces a sense of accomplishment for them. An example of what we did for our clients.

Holding giveaways is a great method for you to gather likes, shares and building a relationship with your customers. However, the execution of the giveaway has to be perfect. If you’re unsure of how to execute your giveaway, we are here to help. Here at Marketing Connection Studio, we will make sure that you reach the people that you need to reach and help you execute your plans on the giveaway.

*Marketing Connection is a digital marketing company that specializes in website design and online marketing in Penang. We love to help new businesses to grow their business further.

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