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Good Web Design vs. Bad Web Design


Your website is the face of your business. Imagine this, you already have a creative brand name, your business idea is appealing, your marketing is on point (Social Media Marketing, yeah we have that too!) but when your customers are funneled to your website, it’s a BIG MESS!! You go from a 0 to a 100 real quick (see what I did there?), then you flop back down to 0 just as fast. Here’s a few things that separates a good web design from a horrible one.


Picture a car that’s pimped out with the sickest decals, shiny rims and crazy interiors. Looks like a pretty rad car in the garage, until you test it out on the streets. You realise that the engine is running on toy motor. That beast just turned into a kitty cat. The same applies to your website, it has to serve a purpose. The purpose part of website planning is the intangible part in the background that later on affects how your website’s design will look like. This is very important, sit down with your team and iron out what you want you want the website to achieve.


Clutter is really bad. Look at this website.


It’s like a candy land of headaches. Is there a need to add in all that? Ling doesn’t need to put his face up on everywhere. This website suffers from clutter, the brain is overloaded with colors and information and the purpose of the website is over-shrouded as such. The problem with clutter also slows the visitor down when it comes to navigation. It’s hard for a reader to find what they need on your website’s design, they can’t navigate well, it’s like playing finding Waldo on a cluttered website.

Web Design by Marketing ConnectionWeb Design by Marketing Connection


A bad web navigation design will leave your visitors confused because there isn’t a sense of direction, leaving them lost in a sea of bad website design. Do what most people do, either put your menu at the top or leave it at the left of the page. People have been looking at web navigation locations at those places for a long time, switching it up will just confuse people. Remember clutter? Don’t overcrowd your menu with too many options, it’s messy and seems like a chore to read through everything to find what people need.


Consistency is important when you enter a website. When designing a website, it is important to have a continuity after entering a second page. The layout of the page has to stay the same, the menu has to be exactly at the same place where the visitors have left the the previous page. Aside from the important menu, the elements that needs to be consistent are also the colour theme. Make sure that the visitors don’t feel like they have been transported to another place that is different from where they left off. The jarring difference is confusing to others and disorientates the browsing experience.

These are a few tips to prevent bad web design. Another way of preventing such problems is to come to us! Marketing Connection Solution can help you design your website that is easy and pleasing to retain your visitors and help achieve the purpose your website was intended to be.

*Marketing Connection is a digital marketing company that specializes in website design and online marketing in Penang. We love to help new businesses to grow their business further.


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