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Marketing Connection explains hashtag


Hashtags have been a cultural phenomenon that only emerged in the 2000s. People use it all the time in their social media posts, either to provide information or to join a conversation. Other than looking trendy and current, do we know its origins, purpose, and benefits? If you do not know the answers, we at Marketing Connection will help you with that.

Back in 1988, the ‘#’ was originally known as the pound sign and was used similarly as what it is today, albeit with lesser popularity. In the days of the Internet Relay Chat (IRC), the ‘#’ was used to categorize items like images, videos, and messages into groups systematically for easier, relevant searches. Its usefulness was highlighted in 2007 when Nate Ritter included #sandiegofire in his tweets regarding the incident which enabled users to follow the news with the real-time updates. Since then, the ‘#’ caught fire and exploded into what we know today. Renamed as ‘hash tags’ by Stowe Boyd in the same year, Twitter wisely adopted hashtags- anything with a ‘#’ in front of the word would be hyper-linked. Since then, #neverlookedback but how do they exactly help brands? Here are three simple reasons.

  1. Brand awareness

Create an interesting hashtag on an interesting topic and you may just start a trending hashtag where people hope on the conversation and carry it further than you would expect. There are many examples with the such result- Coca-cola’s #ShareACoke, Oreo’s #OreoHorrorStories, and Red Bull’s #givesyouwings were successful hashtags that got many users into the mix and this brought brand awareness to the public. Also, joining a trending issue on social media portrays your brand as savvy, updated, and will boost customers’ perception of you. Seize the opportunity!

#shareacoke on social media

The personalized bottle was a crowd-favourite! Image source:

  1. Understanding your customers

By searching a hashtag that you think is tied to your business and product, you can explore a wider market of potential customers who interact with your service. This is a targeted audience who use your product directly, hence it saves brands a lot of time in knowing who to reach out to. As you explore these topics, you also can understand how they behave or what they want. This enables brands to make necessary changes with their products that might sway them over from competitors or solidify their loyalty instead.

  1. Unique Identity

Unique hashtags help set you apart from competitors as it is a hashtag personal to your brand and users who follow you. It creates a history on social media where users can search for your posts easily back in the past and thus allow them to know your brand more. As users know your brand more, it instils brand loyalty or engagement as they see your core values, products, and service. Users who include your hashtag are considered your ambassadors as they testify on social media to other users how good your brand is. We all know how important a user’s testimony is to another user’s decision, don’t we?

Marketing Connection can help you pull brands

Hashtags are like magnets. Use them! Image Source:

Here at Marketing Connection, we always encourage our clients to include hashtags into their posts due to its numerous benefits. We can help you create your own unique hashtag experience so that your brand may truly stand out in social media. We are also seizing the opportunities that come with viral content because our main goal is your brand to be known.


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