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January 3, 2017
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January 11, 2017

How AdWords Help In YouTube Marketing?

How AdWords Help In YouTube Marketing?

If you have a marketing strategy via YouTube and other social medias, just like Facebook ads, you can place a video ad on YouTube too.

Ads on YouTube are flexible and you get to choose the placement of ads. There are multiple choices for you to set the targeted ads in different areas in YouTube such as in-search bar, whereby your ads are shown above the search results; in-slate, when a video has ended, your ads will be shown in the screen and you generate leads and clicks when anyone click on your ad after the video is finished; in-display bar, your ads will be on the right side of the video, it’ll stack along with other suggested videos; last not but least, the famous in-stream ads, this type of ad is the one which will be shown before a video starts, viewers get to either skip ad or endure the whole 30 seconds ad, depends on the ad settings you put.




Cost-per-view (CPV) bidding is the default way for you to set an amount for video ads via AdWords. For YouTube marketing ads, you may want to consider using this method. With CPV bidding, you only have to pay for views and interactions, in terms of views, a view is only counted when a viewer watches 30 seconds of your video ad or interact with your ad.

So how does CPV bidding work? You can set any bidding amount that you like for this type of ad, if you think it is worth $0.25 for a viewer to watch for video, you may bid in that amount of money or go more. Of course, the more you spend, the more feedbacks and engagements you’ll receive, and this helps in generating views and interactions.

Advertisers can determine your own target audience based on genders, locations, age range or by which type of videos they prefer to watch. There are various selections and you can choose accordingly for your ads. Generally, the amount you have to pay for targeted and focused target viewers will be higher compare to default selection.

The higher bidding amount you set for your ads, the higher chance of viewers watching your ads, always keep in mind that more views and interactions will definitely help drastically in your business in terms of website’s traffic, popularity, engagements and leads. It is better to set the highest amount that you can afford when it comes to video ads as viewers tend to be more attracted towards visuals.




In short, YouTube ads is the most effective method of marketing your products and services or even your brand at an affordable rate. Most of the time, if you target the correct audience, potential viewers will actually watch your whole ads even if it takes 30 seconds long.

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