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March 22, 2018
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How DAP Make Use of Facebook During GE-14

How DAP Make Use of Facebook During GE-14

Pakatan Harapan are using social media as one of their main media tools in defeating Barisan Nasional during GE-14. Among best performance on using social media from this coalition is DAP.  Let us look on how DAP make use the social media especially Facebook effectively by applying social cycle technique.


DAP official page has a total of 750,000+++ “Likes” on their page. In comparison, Barisan Nasional official page has only 450,000++ “Likes” while their main Chinese component party, MCA have only 270,000+++ “Likes”, this is pale in comparison to DAP in term of likes alone. Not only that, most of the politicians from DAP command an average “Likes” of about 100,000 to 500,000 per page while for Barisan National, only their high profile politicians such as Najib Razak, Khairy Jamaluddin  and Hishamuddin command a high amount of likes, the rest of their politicians actually have a pale number of likes in comparison to their DAP competitors. With this high number of reach, DAP can easily penetrate through organic reach compare to Barisan National. Basically, they just need to produce quality contents and they can reach out to their audience easier and at a much cheaper cost compare to Barisan National.

DAP have also consistently producing video posts for their Facebook page since early of the year in anticipation of GE-14. Most of their videos are interactive and touch on subjects that most of the people in Malaysia will be interested in such as 1MDB, GST, TOL and Petrol Subsidies. Their videos are not just informative but very entertaining. Most of it are either funny or touching video where it will encourage high engagement from their Facebook audiences. Not only that, as most of the DAP page likes and followers are from genuine sources, most of their post will be naturally have much more wider organic reach and their supporters will be more eager to share their posts.

DAP also have a very fast response to trending issues or negative post against them. The responses and counter measure posts usually will be out within 12 hours to negate the negative effects as much as possible.  DAP also actively listen to their followers and providing feedback to their top leaders, this enable them to produce quality contents ( see above) in response to that and able to reach out and encourage high engagement rates among their followers. This show they have a very active social watching and listening team within their group.

End of the day, the goal for DAP post is to get Malaysian to support and vote for  Pakatan Harapan candidates during the GE-14.  They started to livestream and provide live coverage of their “Ceramah” and also their candidate’s activities which main intention is to spur voters to vote for them. Their usage of live stream is high in comparison to Barisan Nasional and it actually help them tremendously in conversion as voters can see the actual high turnout for each of their “ceramah” and the support they received from people, this will unconsciously create “herd” mentality among the voters and able to build up the required support.

So, in a nutshell, from this GE-14, we can safely conclude that DAP has employ a successful social cycle technique and this in turn, crush Barisan Nasional in term of social media leverage. With strong social media contents and strong social listening, they can penetrate even areas that normally out of their reach. This is very important and lay the foundation for the Pakatan Harapan to win the GE-14. With this successful implementation of social cycle technique that helps them to win the GE-14, it shows that this technique is effective, and businesses can actually learn from here and duplicate how to effectively use social cycle technique for their business Facebook page. From building a sales campaign to executing brand awareness campaign, this same technique can apply across all board. Over here, we at Marketing Connection have implement the same technique to help our clients and it did yield them the result that they desired. Talk to us and find out how we can help you in launching your successful digital marketing campaign.

Disclaimer: This case study is not an in-depth study of the whole DAP digital marketing campaign; more research need to be conducted before it can be considered an in-depth study of the whole digital marketing machinery. Marketing Connection Studio Sdn Bhd are also not associate with any political parties nor in charge of any of their campaign during GE-14.

*Marketing Connection is a digital marketing company that specializes in website design and online marketing in Penang. We love to help new businesses to grow their business further.

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