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How Has COVID-19 Affected Our Life

How Has COVID-19 Affected Our Life

The COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally changed the world as we know it. People are changing their lifestyle, buying behaviors, thinking differently. Supply chains have been tested. Retailers are closing doors. Event are cancelled or will be conduct virtually. Consumers are deeply concerned the impact by the COVID-19, for both health and economics perspective. Consumers are responding to this crisis in a variety of ways. Some feel anxious, worried, fueling panic-buying of staple and hygiene products. Not to mention, businesses worried about the leads and sales due to consumers are changing their buying behavior because of pandemic. They need to continue to build their brands and generate the required leads and sales.



Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, consumers have placed their essential needs to their priorities such as sending demands for hygiene, cleaning, and staple products for soaring. Consumers are more mindful of what they are buying. They are attempted to limit food waste, shop more cost consciously and buy more sustainable options. Also, consumers hunkered down at home to avoid contracting coronavirus are turning to online shopping for products that they usually bought in stores. In this case, businesses better return on their online ads, boosting online marketing expenditure.



According to EY Global Consumer Knowledge Leader and Lead Analyst says the outbreak has pushed consumers out of their normal routines. Consumers are adapting new habits and behaviors that many anticipate will continue in the long term. 27.3% of consumers are spending less across all expenses categories as the pandemic impacts employment. 26.2% of consumers are continuing to spend as normal. However, 35.1% of consumers point out that feel pessimist about the future. Also, 11.4% of consumers are spending more across the board.

Because of outbreak and related social distancing, people tend to spend their leisure time differently. Not to mention, these habits are likely to be sustained. According to Accenture COVID-19 Consumer Research, 61% of consumers plan to continue keep track on news after the outbreak, while 55% will prioritize more time will family. Besides, educating, entertainment and DIY have also seen a rise.



Businesses close doors because of this crisis, most of the employees are encouraged to work from home. High percentages of employees feel that they have the comfortable environment and tools for remote work, but it reduced social contact. Many employees who have not worked remotely before, or not often, plan to do so more frequently in the future. Accenture COVID-19 Consumer Research state that 46% of people who never worked from home previously now plan to work from home more often in future.

Company like Amazon, Google and Facebook are suffering the least during COVID-19 economic crisis. It is because, according to the score, Amazon with over $600 billion of products and services sold online in the U.S. This proven that no one can ignore the importance of digital channels. Even you are selling services, you must consider digital marketing as a plausible scalable engine to growth for your businesses.



The purpose of digital marketing strategy is to channel traffic to your website or social media pages to engage your target audience and convert them to leads and sales. In addition, digital marketing is able to tracking and monetizing every marketing campaign through its channels by using the digital data. With an enormous amount of data at your disposal, you can make better informed campaign decisions, particularly in this time of crisis when every dollar matters.

As a marketing agency, the voice of consumer and representative at the top of the company, will have the starring role. We offer you an opportunity to lead and opportunity to add value to your customers and company.

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