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It may not be obvious to the common person but to the learned, the extra letter means a world of difference in terms of privacy and security. As long as you are online and browsing websites, there is no escaping the HTTP and HTTPS in the search bar.

The HTTP and HTTPS are a type of language used between web servers and clients to relay information. HTTP stands for HyperText Transport Protocol and was first used by network administrators as they agreed on said procedure to exchange information. It employs a typical client/server or request/response model whereby the client (web browsers you use) sends a request to a server (websites you browse) and the server responds by relaying data back. The data retrieved is the only tangible thing your eyes see; the page layout, words, and images.

Website design by marketing connection

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HTTP soon became a known language for most programmers and problems arose as an experienced programmer could ‘intercept’ information that were being transferred. For example, if you log in to a website that uses HTTP, someone may see all the details you provided like a username and password or worse, bank account numbers. That is why another protocol came about- the HyperText Transport Protocol Security or HTTPS to tackle this issue.

To protect the information that was being exchanged, they were encrypted with an SSL Certificate. This process ensured that any third-party who intercepted the message had a hard time deciphering it without the proper key, thus locking vital information securely. That is why banks and websites with a whole lot of information like Facebook and Youtube use HTTPS- it is an act of assuring users that no sensitive information will be leaked out to others.

How do you differentiate a HTTP site from a HTTPS then? Apart from the website beginning with https://, a padlock will appear on the side of the website with the words in green. A website with HTTPS is important to any brand as it builds trust with customers and prevents any loss of key information to other sources. A secure site also increases your Google rankings in search results so that customers can find you more frequently.

Website design by Marketing Connection

Trust us to help customers trust you.

As a media agency, we encourage our clients to revert to HTTPS as your secure site provides a positive impression to customers. It lets them know that you care about their security and take steps toward protecting them. As experienced web designers, we are equipped with the knowledge on obtaining the SSL Certificate smoothly and quickly as changes are applied to your website. We cannot stress anymore how this step is a huge marketing benefit for you as it portrays your company in a positive light and adds credibility to it. If you are looking for someone with experience in this or any web-related matter, we are ready. It’s time for your customers to trust you- trust us to do it.

*Marketing Connection is a digital marketing company that specializes in website design and online marketing in Penang. We love to help new businesses to grow their business further.


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