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Is It Major Burn Or Marketing Strategy?

Is It Major Burn Or Marketing Strategy?

In this modern technology era, social media has become the major marketing tool for multiple businesses. Through these platforms, companies have the real-time opportunity to interact with the customers in a closer and interactive manner.




Nevertheless, on social media sites, brands and companies have to be aware of their tone of voice. It is a crucial thing to remain professional and polite, especially when dealing with frustrated customers. Companies should take their time to read through comments and feedbacks from customers, and keep in mind that any possible negative replies can be resulted in backfire. Sure, there are certain times where companies feel the need to defend themselves on social media, but make sure things doesn’t get way out of hand, or you might lose not only potential customers, but your brand as well.

Major burn to customers could pay off whatever negative comments they may have, but one slight mistake could go down in history the wrong way, remember the saying, “what goes on the Internet stays on the Internet. Forever.”

Here’s some minor guides for your customer care on social media platforms:

  1. As a brand, you should be the first person to laugh at your own mistakes. People don’t appreciate companies who would not admit their faults in any circumstances, just stick this inside your brain, people make mistakes, just own it and move on. Customers will remember your light-hearted attitude and won’t make a fuss about it. Laugh it off and move on.


  1. It’s totally okay to be sassy and witty occasionally with your customers, but don’t go overboard, limit your jokes and keep it minimal so that customers do not get offended by your witticisms. Avoid any racist, sexist or sensitive topics when you’re trying to revert a negative situation, these types of comments are usually offensive even though you may not intend them to be.


  1. Never ever joke about someone’s misfortune or tragedies. That is plain rude and inconsiderate, you should never even joke about it in normal social life! If you do this, be ready to be slapped hard across your cheeks and burn down your company.


  1. If you are unsure of the comment that you want to post, run it through with your team members or partners. It is always better to get a second opinion on witty comebacks rather than doing it alone and get burned yourself.


  1. Apologise if you went overboard with your lame replies, people might get offended with what you replied, it’s alright, a sincere apology will certainly make your customers feel a lot better!

Just a business tip for you guys out there who longs to burn customers on social media, you can only do that if they’re asking for it or they want it. Never do this in a frequent basis as customers may find it annoying. A joke is no longer a joke if it repeats too many times.

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