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Nostalgia 3310

Nostalgia 3310

Remember the famed Nokia 3310? The indestructible piece of technology that could withstand the worst drop and still function like any other normal phone. Yes, we’re talking bout the Rock itself. Well, after 17 long years of memories and memes along the way, HMD Global unveiled its new product during the press conference at Mobile World Congress 2017. It sent the world on a nostalgia field trip.

The original 3310 model sold 126 million units in 2000, making it one of the world’s best-selling mobile phones. It was worshiped for its long battery life, durability, and memorable games like Snake and Space Impact. So when the new model was unveiled, unsurprisingly one of the highlighted features were improved battery life and return of Snake.


It comes in many colours! Image Source: https://goo.gl/MQoSr5

Some have considered this to be a ‘dumb phone’ as it really does goes back to the 2000s- keypad function with no touchscreen access, supports only 2G networks, and a low-res screen. The only noticeable upgrade would be the phone camera which was not in the former model, but it only shoots a measly 2MP. At the same conference, Sony launched a phone with 4k HDR screen, Huawei’s P10 was built with a fancy Leica dual-camera setup, and LG’s model innovated split-screen apps. All this should have blown away the Nokia 3310 just by sheer technology, but it stood firm and won the people’s hearts. Why is that?

We at Marketing Connection observed this and realized the stroke of genius (and bravery) HMD pulled with this stunt. Obviously acknowledging the cult following, they pulled the strings of nostalgia in customers around the world and that was the key. Yes, it is a ‘dumb phone’, but to people who possessed it and had developed fond memories, it was an opportunity to relive those moments and treasure them further. Similar to Bandai’s re-release of virtual pet devise, this move went straight to the heart of audiences worldwide. Technology impresses the mind, but nostalgia warms the heart and the heart does crazy things that the mind thinks is irrational.

heart-stringsPull the right strings, and you pull the person. Image Source: https://goo.gl/yGhwAO

What is the takeaway? In a world where competition is many, the best thing a company can aim for is to appeal to the audience’s heart. In every commercial, write-up, or post, it is pivotal for the company to pull the right strings and endear itself to customers. The most successful brands are not the ones that stand aloft but the ones who stand with their customers. So, it is important to analyze one’s digital marketing and engineer it to speak to the heart. As a digital media agency, we are always advising our clients to engage audience in this personal level, so that the brand may be established and be rock-solid, just like the Nokia 3310.

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