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February 24, 2017
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Pokemon Go: Gotta Catch ‘Em Steam!

Pokemon Go: Gotta Catch 'Em Steam!

27 February 2017 marked the 21st year in which Pokemon was known to the world through Nintendo’s Game Boy. To celebrate this landmark year, game developer Niantic spawned Party Pikachu for Pokemon masters to catch in the augmented reality game ‘Pokemon Go!’, but it seemed like few knew about it or even cared.


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Niantic’s official Pokestop café- Ben’s Art Café, located near Acheen Street Mosque was once the ‘hot’ spot as many players would gather there until the wee hours of the morning, but yesterday’s scene was quiet. Malik Ben, the owner of the café, was unaware of Pokemon Day but hopeful that players would come the next day (28 Feb) as announcements usually arrive in Malaysia a day later.

As a digital media agency, we found this ‘Pokemon Go!’ phenomenon very interesting. This game rose to prominence as quickly as it faded off the Internet. While many players flocked to parks to catch ‘em all 3 months ago, it appears most pokemon now roam the land freely and safely. This speaks about the volatile nature of viral content today that as a company, there is a huge need to identify, catch on to these viral memes/videos/games and draw their benefits before they lose their steam soon enough.


“You’ll never catch them all.”

Malik Ben is one of them who caught the phenomenon and used this to his advantage. He opened his café just at the time the game hit the streets and his café was appointed to be an official Pokestop café. Drawing huge crowds to play there, it helped establish his business. The learning point to take from this is to be aware of trends today and make use of them before the next trend comes along.

Understanding this, we at Marketing Connection are always looking out for the next viral content to exploit for our clients’ brand. Maximizing a viral content would help put your brand out there as the chances of users clicking and sharing your post increases. We also aim to create your own viral content so that you will be truly special and have an edge over competitors.

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