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POPCAT Phenomenon


Ok, by right most of you guys who are tech-savvy would have heard about POPCAT. The latest internet sensation that are taking the world by storm. Well, for those who are still not aware of this yet, Popcat is a simple competitive clicker web browser game that has a simple game mechanism, the highest clickers win. The leaderboard is separated by country and netizen around the world are aiming to get no 1 spot for their country. It has no other rules, other than just counting the number of clicks from your keyboard, mouse and if you are using tablets or smartphone, your screen taps. As per now, Malaysia is at third place.. overtaken by the Thailand click zealots who shoot to no 1 spot overnight. Good job Thai

Now back to the question, how come this can be a hit sensation? Again, anything that goes viral is actually very much dependent on the timing. Take note that POPCAT started as a project back in December by computer scientists from the University of Sheffield: Joshua Rainbow, Edward Halls, and Freddy Heppell and it only went viral this April before went viral nut this month. Now, to study why it went viral, it simply boil to these four main factors:

  • Simple interface
  • Simple Gameplay
  • Nationalism fever is high after Olympics
  • COVID 19, a lot of people still stuck at home, bored to core.

Well, there are other factors as well, such as picking up by mainstream media that facilitate it to go even more viral but that will be discussion for the other time. For now, this author has some important mission, that is head over to and hopefully can help Malaysia to get silver placement back

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