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SEO Tactics That Will Kill Your Ranking

SEO Tactics That Will Kill Your Ranking

Creating a website can be exciting as it symbolises the start of your business journey. You may want to create a website by your own without any professional’s guidance, it is alright to do so. There are a lot of useful guidelines for first-time website designer to create their own page, but how do you know if your website is SEO friendly?

There are certain agencies that offer you a good deal of getting your website into the high ranking in Google with a fast method, this may work for a short-term, but in a long run, your website would be the least favourite site on Google. Here are some tactics or strategies that could kill your website’s SEO ranking, check carefully if your website has these features.


Keyword Stuffing

You may come across the tips of putting keywords in your content, but overuse of keywords leads to black hat tactic. This tactic is not recognized by Google as SEO friendly, in fact, it will pull down your website ranking. Keyword stuffing happens when you put relevant keywords in every single pages and sentences in your content, this may be a good way to promote your brand and services, but it is a dangerous tactic to use. Simplify your content with appropriate amount of keywords, 5% density of each keyword is the best way to maintain a good website.

Comment Spamming

Long for comment chains on your website? Some of you may find comments or reviews from other customers attractive, it will further enhance your business as potential customers might want to know more about your business after reading those comments. There is a way to do that, a special software to leave links in the comment box of various blogs. However, be mindful that too much links on comments will be detected by Google and thus, dropping your SEO ranking.

Footer Links

Web designers tend to put links on the footer page, this may be useful for customers to navigate around your website. Even so, there are people who put in footer links just for the sake of ranking, Google is smart enough to detect this type of links and soon enough, your website’s rank will be dropping way lower than you’ve expected. If you insert footer links for the convenience of your customers, then it’s fine, otherwise, don’t do it.


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Duplicate Content

Google recognizes if your website is a copycat or OG, don’t copy sentences or even phrases from other websites that is similar to your business, Google don’t appreciate that. Make sure your website content is well-written and unique in its own way, learn up some copywriting to enhance your tagline and write-ups.

Be cautious and honest when it comes to online marketing, you may want to find a quick way to boost up your brand, but do it correctly, don’t go shortcuts or it may backfire your intention. If you have no idea on maintaining a proper SEO friendly website, seek help from the professional agencies, they have more experience in this and you don’t have to worry too much about SEO ranking then.

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