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July 6, 2017
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July 21, 2017

Should you buy Facebook Likes??

Should you buy Facebook Likes??

Facebook is an excellent marketing tool for creatives. Most artists, writers, comedians, and small businesses have their own “fan page” or “business page” on Facebook, each with several thousand “likes.” Facebook allows you to post photos, share updates, and personally connect with your followers.

A higher page like number definitely gives your business more credibility, but the most important thing is to establish quality over quantity.  It is much more beneficial to have 1000 fans who are passionate about your brand and love to interact with you, and tell others about you, than 10,000 fans who rarely interact who are unlikely to convert to real life customers for example if you’re a restaurant in Malaysia and 1/3 of your likers are based in India.

So today we’re talking about “buying” likes vs paying Facebook to run targeted ads promoting your Facebook page.


You have probably had emails or private messages offering you 10,000 new likes for only RM100! This is what is referred to as BUYING LIKES

In hindsight, that sounds like a great idea, but let’s discuss what effects that will have on your Facebook presence:

  1. Any analytics will be skewed, vital data that you require to better know your audience will not be available to you due to the number of purchased likes. For example, if you want to know what percentage of your fans are female or what time they are most likely to be online.
  2. Your content will reach fewer of your “real” people.  Posts only organically reach around 12% of your fan base – if this 12% is populated by fake likes, there’s minimal chance of a real potential customer seeing your content!
  3. Your page engagement will be low. If your posts are only reaching 2% of your fans, that can affect your engagement.
    If you have 2100 likes on Facebook, but your updates and photos are only gathering half a dozen responses, that’s a dead giveaway your like count was inflated.


So, what’s the alternative?  Assigning a budget to expanding your community is still important, but let’s look at doing it the right way – with PAID ADVERTISING.

Facebook advertising is a highly developed and very efficient medium when used correctly.  To increase your page likes, you will want to run a “promote your page” advert.  The most important thing to get your head around when utilising Facebook advertising is targeting.  This is where your “quality” likes are sourced.

By effectively targeting your ideal audience you:

  • Minimise costs by not advertising to those unlikely to interact with your brand
  • Create the ideal audience for your brand
  • Increase likeliness of user interaction
  • Can create adverts especially for your target
  • Enable you to make use of future tools like creating a “lookalike audience”

Although this method may take a little longer than buying likes from unknown sources, you can be assured that your fan base is 100% genuine and likely to convert to customers.  Much more promising!

Here at Marketing Connection Studio, we encourage our customers to pay Facebook to run targeted ads to promote your Facebook page instead of buying likes. Although this method may take a little longer than buying likes from unknown sources, but you can be assured that your fan base is 100% genuine and have higher chances to be converted into customers.  Much more promising! There are multiple ways to achieve the Like figure you want for example creating Like campaigns or running a contest, you may refer to our previous blogpost on how we manage to help Boon Siew Honda reach 100k from 70k in just 3 week’s time!  (Click me!) There’s no short cut in growing a fan base but we know the tricks of the trade, so contact us and we will help you rev up the engine!

*Marketing Connection is a digital marketing company that specializes in website design and online marketing in Penang. We love to help new businesses to grow their business further.


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