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July 28, 2016

Social Media Marketing For Adonis Bridal

Social Media Marketing For Adonis Bridal

Our customer is a mid-small size company that are tight in online marketing budget but they would like to gain more exposure on their Fanpage and they requested Marketing connection to help them in this area.

What we did is that we conduct an extensive study on their market. We factor in their budget, demographic, audience preference, market position, targets and other factors to provide an online marketing strategy that works.

For this customer, we provided the following service,
  • Gaining more like(s) for their fanpage.
  • Fanpage Management.
  • E-advertising campaign/solutions.
  • E-marketing consultation.
  • Customized services

The below is the graph before we start to help them with our expertise. They have only about 3000 Likes from their Facebook page and not a lot of fans engagement. The below is the result after we help them

After the campaign completed, they have a total of increment of 3000++ within 1st month of their campaign ( A total 100% increment!!). All of their fans are from the targeted country and they are able to have high fans engagement. With our help, they have more business inquiries now and able to record a higher sales compare to the other months.

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