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June 15, 2017
June 28, 2017

The Philippines’ new tourism video vs the South African ad

The Philippines’ new tourism video vs the South African ad


To attract international travelers, the Department of Tourism (DOT) officially launched a new tourism campaign that highlighted Filipino warmth and hospitality. Even before it has the chance to fully circulate around the country, Redditor Rubyanjel has already sensed something fishy about the video. He stated that the new Philippine’s new video is a copy cat of South Africa’s from last year.


Other Redditors were quick to echo Rubyanjel’s opinion on the video saying that the department secretary should be ashamed for allowing this video to circulate.

This was an interview between Ricky and GMA News TV. The Department of Tourism Assistant Secretary said that “the South Africa ad was about the tourist. Ours is about someone who is already residing in the Philippines, a retiree.”

He emphasized that the “Experience the Philippines” ad, which is one of the four releases slated for the year, went through numerous processes and procedures to make sure the retirement slant is highlighted.”It’s safe to say that it is presented in a different manner,” Alegre said.

To make life more easier, let’s take a look at the videos side-by-side, shall we?


#1 Ad start with a long shot to showcase the natural beauty of both Philippines and South Africa


#2 Another shot worth questioning is that moment Uchimura touches the fabric  while O’Driscoll touches the bars to a window.


#3 Moving along, both Uchimura and O’Driscoll dances with the locals.


#4 Uchimura and O’Driscoll tried something dangerous, but they end up fine.



#5 Uchimura having coffee with locals, O’Driscoll is also seen dining with the natives in South Africa.

So, what do you think?

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