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July 4, 2017
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Tips on how to make a viral video

Tips on how to make a viral video

‘How to make a viral video’ is among the highest queries on Google. It’s like the Holy Grail of video marketing. Get it right and you’ll get a ton of views, awareness and engagement, all for free.

In today’s post, I will be taking Valentino Bridal’s commercial video who is one of our clients as an example. We all know that wedding cinematography has become one of the must-have arrangements for weddings. Simply because there are things video can capture that photography can’t. Cinematographers capture only key moments and gives you a movie-like experience with storytelling that relate to your personalities. As of today, the video has already gotten more than 435K views and 5K shares. Here are some of the tips on how they manage to achieve it.


  • Working with social media influencers

In recent years, influencer marketing has rapidly gained popularity among brands. Social media influencers are those people who have a huge fan base on social media and agree to endorse or promote your brand for you. Partnering with such influencers helps with creating brand awareness, visibility, conversions, and with target-based marketing. If you notice that,  Diorlynn Ong and Mr. Wilber, the famous couple at Facebook was invited to become the lead role for the commercial video. With the help of social media influencer, it’s not that hard to achieve higher engagement rate for the video.


  • Trend matters.

Q: What is the trend?
Q: Where will a new trend begin?
Q: How will a trend spread?
Q: How long does a trend last?

Ask yourself these questions before you start to include recent trends into the video. It will help you  develop a better understanding about the latest trend. If you’ve been following digital marketing trends, it’s no surprise for you that the bridal commercial video featuring Minions and Hello Kitty in it. The good thing about incorporating latest trends into the video is it will help to ignite a spark of interest among people.


Another trend that could be spotted in the video include “levitation” and “miniature” concept. This is something relatively new in Malaysia bridal market, so Valentino use it as their vow factor to capture people attention.


  • Catchy music

Music can often be the leading factor in what elicits an emotional reaction from media viewers. Auditory cues play a significant role in how we interpret an advertisement, much like they do in TV shows and movies. They often set the stage for the scene, giving us an idea of how we should be feeling and what can be expected from the next few moments. In this bridal commercial video, they are using Korean Pop singer Jessica’s song – Wonderland. The lyrics and the song match the message which Valentino Bridal wanted to convey to public – when you’re in Valentino Bridal, you’re in a wonderland.

For a commercial video to go viral on social media, we need to understand what the potential clients like, the current hot trends and other elements. If you ever wish to shoot a viral commercial video for your company, feel free to give us a call. Our social media specialists would be happy to assist you.


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