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August 1, 2016
Pokemon Go Spawn Location In Penang
August 12, 2016

Top 5 Pokémon Go Spot In Penang Island

Top 5 Pokémon Go Spot In Penang Island

Pokémon Go is finally in Malaysia. All of us are definitely eager to refill our Pokéballs, potions and hopefully some PokéEggs while hunting for some rare Pokémon in our quest to be the first Malaysia Pokémon Master. But then again, not all of us are living nearby Pokéstop or Gym in Penang. So let us provide you some guidelines on where to hunt them while restocking easily ! Basically those places are the place we think where people will highly and likely to install lure module at one of the Pokéstop and benefits all of you guys there!

1) Gurney Paragon

One of the best spot in Penang with so many water based Pokémon nearby and not only that, it has a few Pokéstop for you to restock and one Gym for you to battle it out. It has a total of 13 Pokéstops there. You can basically sit there under air-condition and still be able to catch some rare Pokémon and restock your inventories at the same time. What else you can ask for?

  1. Paragon W sign
  2. Melody Fountain
  3. Paragon Fountain
  4. Giant Coffee Cup Fountain
  5. Paragon Vase fountain
  6. Moganfield’s Fountain
  7. Modern Terracotta Warrior
  8. Time Frame of Gurney Penang
  9. Two Fish and A Lobster
  10. Penang Wall Mural
  11. Guitar fountain
  12. White Bulls
  13. Trishaw Mural

And the Gym will be at St. Joseph’s Novitiate:


St. Joseph’s Novitate

2) Basically The Whole UNESCO HERITAGE AREA at Georgetown

There are so many Pokéstops at that area, we basically lost count!! You can basically rock sight seeing and enjoy the beauties of Heritage Area in Georgetown while hunting and restocking at the same time! Since the list is extremely long, we will just point out a few well known spots:

  1. Reaching up Mural ( You are not a Penang-lang if you do not know this mural :P)
  2. Lebuh Cannon Street Art
  3. Yap Temple
  4. Tiger Mural
  5. and lots more.. just walk around and you can see all the stops around you.

And one of the most famous tourist spot there is actually a GYM!!


Could they be playing too?

Few other notable Gym like Komtar, Queen Victoria Memorial Clock and Masjid Kapitän Keling Minaret are also around for you to test out your Pokémons

3) Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM)

Well, it does have quite a number of Pokéstops and a few gyms to boot about. Those who are currently studying in USM will definitely have a field day in catching Pokémons while restocking. Not too sure if the public could enter the area though but it has a total of 29 Pokéstops and  5 Gyms inside its compound. Well, as USM itself covers a vast area and fortunately most of its Pokéstops and gyms are centralized around USM Post Office. We do believe that there will be a lot of Pokémon Go players in USM and as such, tons of those lure module will be installed in Pokéstops at USM. Expect a Pokémon farm to be there!

4) Queensbay Mall

Another great place where you can just sit still at one of the restaurants there and catching Pokémon while restocking your Pokéballs and potions. There are a total of 13 Pokéstops there and 1 gym. Here are the list of Pokéstops:

  1. 3D Elephant Mural
  2. Queesbay Wooden House Post box
  3. Elephant Wall
  4. Sunken Treasure Box
  5. Cat Sculpture
  6. Dragon Monster
  7. Elephant Sculpture
  8. Snake Sculpture
  9. Bull Sculpture
  10. Monkey Sculpture
  11. Swine Statue
  12. Lamb Sculpture
  13. Another Elephant Sculpture

The Gym is actually “Very Cute Dinosaur” which we are not sure if it is still there but you can still battle it out at the Gym, as long as the coordinate is correct.



5) Krystal Point

Well, this is a bit unexpected even for us but it does have a lot of Pokéstops and a Gym for its size. So there will be less effort needed to catch more of those Pokémons and easily restock at the same time. It has a total of 11 Pokéstops and 1 nearby Gym which will make catching Pokémon much easier if someone install these luring modules on one of the Pokéstops.

  1. Fountain
  2. 黄金鸟
  3. Maaroy Happy Family Mural
  4. 黄金手
  5. 这就是迷宫
  6. 反雷达装置
  7. 乌克里里老板
  8. Shade in High
  9. Superman Wall Art
  10. Happy Horsey
  11. Krystal Suite Interior

The Gym is not located exactly at Krystal Point but a bit further up and you should find the Krystal Shrine:




Thanks to some of our readers, we were informed that Straits Quay is also a good spot to hunt for some Pokémons and also it has a total of 10 Pokéstops with 1 Gym. List of Pokéstops:

  1. Kepala Kuda
  2. Umbrella Tower
  3. Trishaw Man
  4. Over the Water Stage
  5. Bella Chef
  6. Straits Quay Fountain
  7. Wooden Kangaroo
  8. Prancing Stallion
  9. Charlie Brown Cafe
  10. The Hawaiian Dance Wall Art

The gym will be as expected, Straits Quay Lighthouse:


The rich-people’s gym.

Another extra bonus spot here:

Updated here will be Karpal Singh Drive, it seem to be a hot favorite among Pokémon players because due to the frequent installation of Lure Module in the 5 of its Pokéstops. It come to our attention that these lure modules were installed by the shop owners and the management there and it is great that they are taking advantages of the Pokémon Go popularity. It has a total of 7 Pokéstops

  1. The Red Melody
  2. 太阳*
  3. 跳舞人偶*
  4. A to Z Wooden Cabinet*
  5. MUZE Signage*
  6. 路边的小孩*
  7. La Tok Gong Shrine

Based on our observation those Pokéstops with * are the ones that frequently installed with lure module and it really help to attract a lot of Pokémons there due to the close proximity of the Pokéstops. There is one Gym there, as expected the signature building:

PokemonGoMap.Info World Map

Will there be Transformers too?

As this is just based on our observations and of course you are free to disagree; and you might have a better hotspot than our list here, feel free to share with us. Do take note that as this is based on Ingress game, some of the Pokéstops’ physical location might no longer be there but you should be able to still benefit from those Pokéstops. Also, we are just putting this for fun and some info sharing that we think might be useful for lazy people like us.  We also think it can help your business if you are a business owner. If you have a business and need help in marketing, you should ride on the Pokémon Go wave and start planning for your business based on this.

There are tons of ways in making use of this phenomenon and milk some extra cash from it. So talk to us and we do have some ideas that might perhaps turn Pokémon Go into a money making machine for your business!

If you need help in catching your customers to your business (no pun intended) , contact us at +6017-5231580 or send us an email using our contact form here!

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