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Toyota:Going Places

Toyota: Going Places

Toyota recently released a couple videos as part of their release of the new crossover model C-HR. Titled ‘Crossover the World’, the two videos have gained over 2 million views on YouTube, a moderate success for a car commercial. This popularity is due to Toyota’s genius. As a digital media agency, we cannot help but marvel at the creativity displayed in these two videos.


In Crossover the World Part 1, Toyota opted not to shoot the typical car commercial video- a shiny car driven smoothly across the road with an upbeat background song. Instead, they used only a Lego structure and four C-HR toy models! If you were not aware you might have mistaken it for Lego’s commercial. The toy ‘drives’ through various tracks before reaching its destination, in the process crossing out the list of cliché things you would see in a commercial.

In Crossover the World Part 2, Toyota decided to celebrate arguably the world’s most famous fighting game: Street Fighter 2. The titular character of the game, Ryu, drives the C-HR to beloved fighting stages around the world before beating the final boss, Vega, with relative ease. Retaining the game’s font and graphics, it evoked a cheeky, nostalgia trip down memory lane for a lot of fans in the 90s, who are working adults today. Oh, and did we mention they used Queen’s Keep Yourself Alive?

We at Marketing Connection found these commercials great for two reasons. First, it is one of the most creative automotive commercial videos in recent years. In a time where 60 hours of video are uploaded every minute, this commercial has the ‘it’ factor to attracts viewers. Secondly, the videos may seem childish but Toyota is aiming for the right audience- adults in their mid-20s to 30s. These adults are beginning to expand their family and can afford the car, so it is a good target-specific commercial in that sense.

As a digital media agency, we applaud Toyota’s effort in creating a fresh video that is new and innovative. Creating ‘out of the box’ content has always been our goal whenever we help our customers and this certainly does expand the box even more. Toyota is truly going places.

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