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March 8, 2017
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Unconventional Marketing Done Right

Unconventional Marketing Done Right


Ever heard of two women vandalizing an advertisement in an MRT station in broad daylight in view of other passers-by? No? Well, it has happened, and on purpose too. The two ladies in question, Charlotte and Michelle aka Youtiao666 were involved in a brilliant marketing ploy by Singapore’s telco company ‘Circles.Life’.


Check out their Instagram here: https://goo.gl/5DOSfQ

The ‘advertisement’ by unknown telco company SGMobile was vandalized recently at Bugis MRT. Youtiao666 used markers to mock SGMobile’s 3GB of data for $40 ad and wrote comments like, ‘Are you lying to me?’ and ‘Are you mad?’, highlighting the ridiculousness of the offer in the process. Passers-by observed them in confusion as it was a rare sight to witness in any age.

Here comes the twist. If you access SGMobile’s website, this is what you will get.


Plot Twist! Image Source: https://goo.gl/5K5v08

It turns out Circles.Life contacted influencers Charlotte and Michelle and engineered this whole marketing campaign. The mocked data packages were very similar to rival companies’ offer and Circles.Life’s message was clear, ‘Why sign up for these ridiculous packages when you can get a better deal with us?’

It was an ingenious vandalizing act made people stop walking, observed the ad, and think. They made a great move to partner Youtiao666 as influencers too as the women were right for that role- they gained fame through doing crazy, unconventional stuff, and this was crazy and conventional. To up the ante, the company also released the footage to media outlets like The Independent, Stomp, and Vulcan Post for write-ups on the activity. Undoubtedly, this created a huge awareness among Singaporeans while potentially pulling off one of the most creative marketing stunts among telco companies.


Their real ad starts here! Image Source: https://goo.gl/XKQtvN

Guerrilla marketing is great for brands in this digital media age. It saves costs, captures audiences’ attention in a memorable and personal way, and may go viral quickly with just a simple click on ‘share’. However, it requires proper planning as the idea must be creative and use the right influencers to generate the hype. As a digital media company, Marketing Connection is experienced in aiding customers in analyzing the market and coming up with creative marketing strategy that will help your brand. We believe with time and right resources, we can help any brand build a strong marketing strategy among the public that will be great. If you need proof, look no further than our write-up on the successful Valentino Bridal Café campaign here or check out the viral video here.

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