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January 27, 2017
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V Bridal Korean Café In Ipoh

V Bridal Korean Café In Ipoh

Bridal trend has been so captivating for many women in Malaysia, with thousands of shares on pre-wedding shots and poses, it is hard for women not to fantasize their own wedding dream. However, a bridal café has been hitting the trendy lists in Malaysia, this café is none other V Bridal Korean Café in Ipoh.

A sub café from the mother brand – Valentino Bridal, V Bridal Café depicts themselves in a Korean style and dreamy manner. The interior is designed with pastel pink and decorated with unicorns and rainbows, this design aims to attract women and young girls, and they can celebrate birthdays, full-moon, farewell, proposal and other events of your life in the café too!


This type of conceptual bridal café is similar to the Unicorns Café in Thailand, however, with bridal concept infused in it, V Bridal Korean Café is gaining more customers and followers on its social media page. Malaysian loves something different and extraordinary, this pastel theme and bridal dreamy concept is more than heart-capturing enough for us!

Young ladies are generally more attracted to this type of conceptual cafe, look at the special high tea sets from Macalistor Mansion or Metisser Patisserie, those type of cafes offer unique ambient as well as Instagrammable food, same goes to V Bridal Korean Cafe. With the hit trend of K-Pop, this cafe takes the advantage of this and decorate it according to the consumers’ taste, thus it topped the highest rank in just a few days of launching.

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Of course, this did not happen in a blink of an eye, V Bridal Korean Cafe’s social media page is in charged by Marketing Connection’s team. With bountiful information from the owner, we are able to boost their business and provide relevant insights which best suited the consumers. We are able to create more than 9,500 shares and 3,000 comments with one post only and the viral effect that was generated basically cause the cafe to be overloaded with reservations!!

Facebook posts handling is not merely posting whatever that is on mind, it is more than that. Facebook posting requires long term dedication and discipline to keep finding the most interesting topic related to the business, but still is able to attract customers to click in and view your products and business.

We target young ladies for V Bridal Korean Cafe, as it would certainly gain popularity for not only the business, but for Ipoh as well (since the cafe is located in Ipoh, people get to venture around the state). Therefore, by boosting the post for V Bridal Korean Cafe, we indirectly promoted this cafe to the northern region as well, as there are a lot of Penang and Kedah people who were very interested as well.

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Engagement such as comments, likes and shares were leveling up as days went by. Thanks to the professional dedicated team, people from all around are able to enjoy this dreamy indulgence. With proper handling of social media page, your business can bloom like V Bridal Korean Cafe as well! Check out their Facebook page here at https://www.facebook.com/vbridalcafe/.

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