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Watson Legenda Cun Raya controversial commercial

Watson Legenda Cun Raya controversial commercial


If you still haven’t check out Watson Legenda Cun Raya commercial that released at June 7th ,well here’s a little story for the video.

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The ad is about a rich merchant, who holds a talent audition in hopes of meeting the mysterious girl with the beautiful voice that keeps appearing in his dreams.
Many princesses from around the world come to the palace to try and win the heart of the rich merchant. Finally, he hears someone singing the beautiful notes that come to him in his dreams.

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However, he was shocked when he found out that the woman had dark skin. He even started to make joke like “Where are the lights?”  But nonetheless, she was choose to be the winner of the talent audition. The girl then reappears as a beautiful woman with fair skin and told the merchant that she was only testing him, and the merchant was relieved to know that she is not dark skinned. The video ended with the quote, “Only at Watson’s you’ll be beautiful.”

The video was took down right after it has gone through viral at Social Media. Watson Malaysia has apologised for the ad with a statement, “We stand firm on the belief that unity and fairness plays an important role, and we respect people from all nationalities. The video was shot to highlight the Legend and its moral values of inner beauty and that true love exists. We are sorry that some of our fans feel offended by the video which was not our intention.”
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However, people still wasn’t happy about that, having been labelled as racist, sexist, insensitive and tasteless.

Facebook user Alagu Manthiram Ramasamy said that “Dear Watsons Malaysia. If you really have some products that can change someone skin tone from charcoal black to sawo matang…. Then I have nothing to say la…. Well you don’t have, so stop shaming dark skin people la. White skin supremacy is so 1980s la kawan. I no visit you anymore. Mana itu Guardians.”

Facebook user  Ashley Greig said that Your apology doesn’t sound sincere, Watson’s Malaysia. You’re making it sound like as if you’re still right and we’re the ones with the problem being sensitive and all. You may take that so-called apology and shove it up where the sun doesn’t shine. 🙂 Maaf Zahir dan Batin. ;)”

Well, every businesses need to be more cautious when it comes to social media marketing and post something related to sensitive topics such as racism or religious.  In Marketing Connection, as a well trained social media specialist, we will make sure to avoid this kind of topics while doing posting for clients. We will make sure that our content are appropriate and suite to the theme that our client required.

If you have question related to our service, don’t hesitate to drop us a message at the comment box below, we would much likely to assist.

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