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December 13, 2016
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Ways To Spice Things Up On Your Facebook This Festive Season

Ways To Spice Things Up On Your Facebook This Festive Season

Christmas is coming soon! Then comes the New Year! Followed by Chinese New Year! With all these festive seasons, the atmosphere is changing accordingly and people are so full of spirits, it is time for you to make use of these festivals to brand your business. So, are you ready to make a move on your social media marketing strategy?


Brand your Facebook with holiday themes!

What is the first thing that comes across your mind about social media when there are festive seasons? Photos, images, and more photos! Yes, that’s right. In order to make customers feel closer to your business, start branding your Facebook page with attractive holiday themes! It can be in the forms of pictures or quotes, by decorating your profile picture or cover photo with holiday themed designs, customers will feel more joyful and happy to scroll through your products and services.

Surprise! Surprise!

Lift up your customers’ curiosity by creating a festive promotion or launch a new product without letting them know. There are many ways to do it; you can create a sneak peek preview video or flyer on your page, or make a public announcement of upcoming promotion or products so that customers will have something to look forward this Christmas.

Get…Set… Go!

Admit it, people loves free gifts and vouchers. In this festive season, you can increase customers’ reach and engagement by organizing an online contest. Your contest should be designed in a way that requires customers to either like the post, share it or tag their friends. This simple step can drastically increase your business’ exposure to other target audience, thus increasing your potential sales.

Giving back

For those companies who organize Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme frequently, you can upload your latest CSR good deeds on Facebook page. This is not to show off and tell the whole world that you are doing kind, but it is merely a way for your company to express the gratitude and spread awareness of giving back to the community in this festive season, and that you want to share your love and spend quality time with the unfortunate this Christmas.



I know the designs and festive changes part will take a toll on your time, with so many things to do on your task list, some people might think there’s no need to change the cover photo or create a whole new flyer just for a holiday, but with these simple steps to make changes on your Facebook page, you’ll be thankful for your future sales success!

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