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February 3, 2017
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We’ve Moved!

We've Moved!

For our previous clients and whoever that knows us, you have probably stick the idea of our office in Suntech Cybercity for the past few months, kindly switch your brain and adjust it as soon as you can, for we have now moved into a newer and bigger-spaced office in One Precint!

Not much difference since both of the buildings are side by side, but we are excited to break this news to you, we’ve moved! From a smaller office which could only accommodate maximum 5 person, our new office can fill up to 11 person with a small meeting table! How spacious is that!

But of course, we did not move our office just because we feel like it, we are pleased to announce that with our expanding team (from 2 person to now 10 person), we have no choice but to switch to a spacious area that allows everyone to work together comfortably. What’s better is that we don’t have to wait for the forever-waiting lift up to 21st floor in Suntech, because our new office is located on the 2nd floor now! Hoo-ray!

Here in One Precint, we get to enjoy the same benefits and perks as Suntech, coffee machine and casual space are available here, so if any of us who wants to work away from the office space, we can chill with a cup of coffee and work in the cyber lounge in the area.

Previously in Suntech, our office practiced a closed office concept, whereby each office desk are separated by a partition, to change the concept into a more interactive manner, our new office is now going with open-desk concept, so that everyone can interact with each other freely without obstacles.

All in all, we are glad to relocate to this new office which is newer. The facilities and convenient eating places are still the same as Suntech, therefore we have nothing to complain!

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