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February 22, 2018
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We’ve Moved!

We've Moved!


We’ve moved! From the start of the year, we have shifted offices from One Precinct to Bayan Indah, it took us quite some time but we’re glad to say that our office is officially LIT AF! Let me give you a look-see around in our new office.

Work Area

The office, the desks and where the magic happens! This is where we work, the office consists of 10 desks at the moment and we employed an open office concept. Say goodbye to partitions because isolation is old school. We’re hip, we’re young and we’re cool. We laugh and work and talk to each other at the same time, allowing the exchange of ideas and interaction will encourage creativity among us and provide us with a morale boost. Seriously, though, don’t you think cubicles just make the space look smaller?

Meet & Eat

It rhymes!  Yes this is where we meet and we eat. As the name suggests, this is our meeting room and also where we dine (most of the time we just eat out). The meeting room is carpeted with artificial green grass, giving us a feeling of meeting and dining in the garden. It does trick our minds into thinking less of stress, the walls are wrapped in wallpaper resembling bricks. Overhead of the meeting table is a row of yellow tungsten bulbs, providing us with this rustic feel of brick and mortar in the olden days. Mounted on the wall is a 40 inch television, great for presentations. Gone are the usages of projectors in this joint, we’re going UHD now!

Sleep & Play

My favourite room! All work and no play, makes Jack (or Jill, gender equality guys!) a dull boy (or girl). This room is equipped with a coffee table, bean bags, a sofa that is convertible to a bed. This room is where we chat, chill and relax. Some of us take power naps in this room when it gets heavy after lunch. It’s important to know when to catch a breather. Installed in this room are also a 40-inch UHD TV and a PS4!! This is where I’m get smashed by Xavier at all fighting games like Street Fighter V. Bottom line, we work and we play, just to make sure we don’t get tired of working.


This is where our product photography happens. The light box and soft box are set up and ready to go when we need it to be. The studio is cozily tucked into a corner, small enough to for light to bounce off from our whitewashed wall should the rays escape.


My second favourite room! This is the room of heaven. The pantry is constantly stocked full of snacks and food, even right now, I’m munching on our nostalgic Mamee Monster snack right now as I’m writing this blog! The best part about the pantry is the coffee machine. Xavier was hip enough to provide us a coffee machine with premium quality coffee beans. The perfect pick-me-up in the morning!

This is the waiting room specifically for our guests and clients, we called it the room as a joke and also a reminder to us that we shouldn’t leave the clients waiting for too long.


Another way of de-stressing while at work, is to be around pets. Introducing our newest family member, Angel the Hedgehog! She’s a cute ball of spikes that loves sleeping and eating all day. Occasionally we will rouse her from her sleep and demand her to entertain us. She’s a picky eater, and she will ditch her kibbles for even just a taste of her addictive meal worms.

Here at Marketing Connfection Studio, we have a balance of work and play. This balance ensures that we are sharp and steady with what we do. Visit us at this address,No.18-2 Persiaran Bayan Indah,
Bayan Bay, 11900, Penang. or call us at +604-6118951 for more details on how we can assist your business to grow.

*Marketing Connection is a digital marketing company that specializes in website design and online marketing in Penang. We love to help new businesses to grow their business further.


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