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March 2, 2017
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March 10, 2017

What Makes a Logo Great?

What Makes a Logo Great?

Everyone knows a logo is important for the brand as it is a symbol for consumers to identify with. In the digital age, a good logo is not sufficient as brands face a competition for attention in any industry. Great logos need to be outstanding for brands to stand out. As a digital media agency specializing in branding, we have listed out 3 characteristics that make a logo great.

  1. Simple

Great logos are simple- so simple in fact that it appears as if the design was conceptualized too easily. While it is undeniable that some logos are simple (e.g Nike, Windows, Apple), it is a complicated task to make the logo simple. A logo reflects the brand- its ideals, values, involvement, so if a simple bitten-off apple logo can capture the brand’s essence, it has succeeded. A simple, minimalist design also helps customers remember and recognize the brand easily, keeping the design in their minds.


Evolution of simplicity. Image Source:

  1. Versatile

A great logo can be printed in different sizes- either on a huge banner showcasing your brand or even on a mug. Greatness transcends all mediums and applications, and that should be your logo’s target. The logo’s sole purpose is to put forth your brand, and the more effective it looks as a letterhead, on a billboard, in print ads, or websites, the better the impression it will create for your customers. Typically, a great logo should function well in full colour or black and white too.

  1. Targeted

In any case, understanding the audience is key and a great logo communicates to a specific audience, appealing to them. A brand selling toys need not stamp the word ‘toy’ over its logo- it could play with child-like font and bright, cheerful colour scheme to appeal to kids. Conversely, corporate brands tend to reduce the number of colours to reflect a more formal approach.

maconn logo black

What is this article if we do not mention our own logo? Well, the logo is meant to show what we do- to connect networks and market our customers worldwide. We went with a clean design without any drop-shadow or bevelling so that it would be easily printed on other media. Simple, versatile, targeted- just the way it should be.

As a digital media agency, our team is always studying logo trends and improving ourselves so that we can help market your brand better. So, next time you design a logo, keep these principles mind as you undergo the creative process for the best effect. If it is too daunting, our service is always available.

*Marketing Connection is a digital marketing company that specializes in website design and online marketing in Penang. We love to help new businesses to grow their business further.

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