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May 30, 2017
Web Design by Marketing Connection
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June 8, 2017

Web Designs – What’s The Trend Now?

Web Design by Marketing Connection

Web Designs - What's The Trend Now?

Let’s face it, by now you would agree that there is no running away from the vast World Wide Web. All of our businesses are now via the big interweb, when that happens, it is safe to say that your web design plays a super important role in attracting your client’s attention.

With that being said, here are 4 design trends that we see trending in the year 2017.

1.) Bright Gradients

Sometimes, the simpler things help increase the aesthetic values to the most duller visuals. With just a simple two colour gradient overlay on a dull picture could turn it from ‘meh’ to ‘wow’!

Website Design by Marketing Connection

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2.) Simple Texts

Minimalistic and simple, while stunning visuals do garner the awe from the public, it’s hard to separate information from clutter. Websites like Danish agency B14 takes away the pictures and the traditional menu bars at the top of the site and pictures to bombard their visitors with straightforward information about their company’s purpose and samples of their works. It’s a statement in broad daylight, ‘We’re straightforward, no BS.’

Website Design by Marketing Connection

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3.) Cinemagraphs

The amount of GIFS bombarding the blog posts and Facebook timelines are something of an unspoken trend these days. They’re there and we just accept their existence as we scroll by our feeds. In blogs, they enhance our reading boosts the flavours in the emotions that are associated along with the content.

Website Design by Marketing Connection

Now we are seeing the migration of these GIFS onto the web design scene, websites like CP+B Copenhagen are sure to be able to captivate your attention for more than a glance-and-go moment.


4.) Creative Typography

Break the rules, typography doesn’t have to be confined to boring paragraphs, lines or individual words. When it comes to design and typography, possibilities are endless. Take NURTURE Digital for example, big letters that spell out their establishment provides a new visual within the space of the alphabet with every scroll, providing their visitors a sneak preview of the projects that they have handled through the window of their very brand. Clever.

Website Design by Marketing Connection

Custom typography is also making its way to the limelight, be bold designers! Some websites are now employing custom typography in their designs on top of their serif and san-serif cousins. The custom typography provides alternative flairs and flavour to showcase the character of their company. Check out the banner of

There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to design, it evolves rapidly over the years. Thus it’s important to stay relevant to the design trends that are evolving simultaneously everywhere. Here at Marketing Connection, we can provide you with website designs that are relevant with the design scene today.

*Marketing Connection is a digital marketing company that specializes in website design and online marketing in Penang. We love to help new businesses to grow their business further.


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