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Why Do Companies Need To Rebrand Themselves?

Why Do Companies Need To Rebrand Themselves?

A logo and tagline represents the brand of company and its reputation, it involves the tone of communication of the company, the logo, the colour scheme that attracted customers and so on. However, as time goes by, our technology becomes more modern and innovative to a point that almost every company have to rebrand themselves at a certain point. Nonetheless, rebranding could ruin your company and even reputation, especially if you change your company logo and colour schemes. Just imagine this, what if Starbucks rebrand themselves to become blue instead of green? Will you still look out for the typical green sign when you are craving for coffee?


Even so, some companies will need to rebrand themselves in order to regain their reputation in the industry, so how do you know if your company or business need to rebrand?

  1. You are ashamed of telling people about your business. If you are too embarrassed to hand out your name card to people, or you have to explain why your website hasn’t been updated for years, you might want to start thinking of rebranding your business. It is your business, you should be proud of it enough to tell and show off to everyone on the street!


  1. You have changes in management team. One good reason to rebrand your company is when you have changes or new takeover in your management. This works best if you have decided to sell off your business to someone else or have a younger leader to take over your business. A new management team means a new concept and idea for the company, therefore, to differentiate themselves with the former company, rebranding is a good idea.


  1. Your brand is not recognized by majority. This is the most frustrating part, you’ve spent half of your life and 101% efforts in this business, but it just won’t work! Maybe a competitor copies some of your business idea and brand themselves in a better way, you might want to get a rebrand for your company. Change their perception from “what is this?” to “I know this place, let’s go!”


  1. Switch target audience. Maybe your company has fully grown and well-established, so now you plan to expand your market and focus on a different range of target audience, rebranding can help in changes of target audience. When your target audience changes, your marketing strategy has to transform as well, let your customers know your intention beforehand so that they understand your goal for business.


  1. Outdated information. So your last updated copyright was 2 to 3 years ago, and since then you’ve upgraded a lot of your equipment or services, you’ve added new products, you’ve changed your menu, you have new clients coming in, but how can you show your customers your outdated and unorganized website? Rebrand is the key here, this major operation of rebranding is not merely changing website layout or updating your info in social media sites, this is a new scale of project and rebranding might let you earn back what you have lost for not updating your details.

If you have these few “signs”, consider a rebrand for your business, it might take a toll on your time now, but it will be worth it in a long term.

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