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We are a leading digital marketing solution in Penang, Malaysia. With numerous clients, ranging from SMEs to public listed companies from various industries, we have been able to produce success stories in creating digital contents that work and able to help them to grow their business further. We offer numerous digital marketing services from social media marketing to digital video content creation. Talk to us today and find out more!

Social media Marketing

Creating creative content and targeting the right audience to make your business grow, social media marketing will be your best tool. We have the expertise and proven results to help you manage your Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter account!

Content Marketing

We create engaging content and make it work for your business. Be it a video, blog or even just a simple write up, we have the solutions. From branding to direct ROI, we create content that can grow your business!

Influencer Marketing

Need Influencers or key opinion leaders to help you boost your branding or to promote your products? We have the right solutions here. We can help you filter and get the right person for the right job at minimum cost!


Search Engine Marketing is an essential tool especially for new businesses. It is able to generate traffic and reach out to the right audience easily. Google is the top search engine in the world with an average of 5.6 billion searches per day, so we can take advantage of this to advertise with them, you will definitely miss out if you are not making use of this!

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